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The purpose of this textbook is to present the elements of applied
aerodynamics and aeronautical engineering which relate directly to
the problems of flying operations. All Naval Aviators possess a natural
interest in the basic aerodynamic factors which affect the performance
of all aircraft. Due .to the increasing complexity of modem aircraft,
this natural interest must be applied to develop a sound understanding
of basic engineering principles and an appreciation of some of the more
advanced problems of aerodynamics and engineering. The safety and
effectiveness of flying operations will depend greatly on the understanding
and appreciation of how and why an airplane flies. The
principles of aerodynamics will provide the foundations for developing
exacting and precise flying techniques and operational procedures.
The content of this textbook has been arranged to provide as complete
as possible a reference for all phases of flying in Naval Aviation.
Hence, the text material is applicable to the problems of flight training,
transition training, and general flying operations. The manner
of presentation throughout the text has been designed to provide the
elements of both theory and application and will allow either directed
or unassisted study. As a result, the text material will be applicable
to supplement formal class lectures and briefings and provide reading
material as a background for training and flying operations.

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